Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We are cousins that live on opposite sides of the country (California and Ohio) and with schedules these days, it is hard to find time to catch up.  We love to share ideas, recipes, home decor, kid stories, etc. just like most people and we thought this might be a great way to share with each other, our families, and just in general.  We are excited to try this whole new world of blogging!

Julie lives in Ohio where our family began.  Melissa lives in California and has been there since 1986.  Our fathers are brothers and we are the only two girls.  We may be cousins, but we really are more like sisters!!  We both work part-time, Julie as a high school science teacher, and Melissa as a church secretary.  Julie has one daughter (3 years old) and Melissa has two daughters (14 and 11).  We are both married to wonderful husbands and are striving towards similar goals.  We hope you enjoy our site!

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