Monday, September 24, 2012

Water Polo

Meagan has been on the recreation swim team for the past 10 summers.  For the past year or so, people have been trying to get her to do water polo.  She has had absolutely no interest in it!  And I must say we enjoyed our falls with no sports and just family time!  In the middle of August, she went to a thank you dinner for the swim coaches (she started coaching last fall for the swim team) and two other coaches were there who are on the water polo team and convinced her to get up the next morning and go to practice.  She attended one practice and fell in love with the sport!  We know nothing about water polo and are brand new parents to the high school world to boot!  Needless to say she made the JV team and has become their goalie!  Who would have thought that?  She has never liked any ball coming at her and now she is becoming the star goalie of the JV team!  We are so proud of her!!! Here are a few shots of her saving some goals!
She happened to catch me with the camera in this shot!

Will she save it?

Doesn't look like she will...

Reeeeeaaaach Meagan....


Got it!

She protected the goal!!  That's my girl!


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