Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My oldest daughter, Meagan, had her first homecoming this past Saturday.  We all went to the football game on Friday night and they won!  It was a great game and not a blow out like some can be.  Saturday was the dance and the entire afternoon in my home turned into her getting ready.  She had one of her best friends come over and help with hair and make-up.  (Her friend, also Megan, goes to the other high school in town)  Megan is really good at curling and styling hair and Meagan had a picture that I found on pinterest she wanted her to copy.  Megan did a beautiful job!!.  She also helped with Meagan's friend, Marissa, who had never had her hair curled like that before.  They had a great time getting ready and you could tell they both felt "pretty".  Such a great feeling!!

Meagan initially had a date (long story for another time) and we had a boutineer, so Meagan and Megan were joking around - here is a cute picture of the two of them.

And here is Marissa and Meagan arriving at the dance.  It was so pretty outside the gym.  They had a Paris theme.  I cannot imagine what the inside must have looked like!

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